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OSHA ANSI A10.8 standards
16’, 10’, and 8’ OSHA-SCAFFPLANK MSR 2400/DSS

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Dense Industrial 65 Scaffold Plank Proper use of 1 -1/2″ x 9 – 1/4″ (S4S) smooth surface scaffold plank under dry use (<19% moisture) that meets the grading rules published by the grading agencies approved by the American Lumber Standards Committee and ANSI safety requirements.

Conforms to ANSI A 10.8 Loading Requirements.

  1.  Workers & tools weigh 250 pounds.
  2.   One worker located at span center.
  3.  Two workers located 18″ on either side of span center.
  4.  Three workers located as indicated in requirements 2 & 3 above.
  5.   Medium duty loading, 50 psf.
  6.    Heavy duty loading, 75 psf.

We do not use ungraded candidate stock.
All lumber is stamped graded by the sawmill


Dense Industrial 65 Scaffold Plank

Stress Rating – 2200 F


Characteristics permitted and limiting provisions are as follows;

Compression wood – Prohibited if in readily identifiable and damaging form.

Checks – Surface seasoning checks, not limited; though checks at ends are limited as splits. Knots – Sound, firm, encased, and pith knots, if tight and well spaced are permitted on the wide face in sizes not to exceed the following:

On Wide FACES: 8″
KNOT sizes: 1-1/2″   1-3/4″   2″   2-1/4″
unsound knots (1):   1″   1″   1-1/2″   1-1/2″


Manufacture – Standard E (see para. 722(e))

Pitch and Pitch Streaks – Not limited

Pockets – Not limited

Shakes – On ends, limited as splits if through; away from ends, heart shakes up to 2′ long, none through; ring shakes 1/3 the width of piece.

Skips -Hit and miss on any face in occasional piece, but heavy skip on narrow face permitted in 10% of pieces.

Slope of Grain – 1 in 14.

Splits – Equal to width of the piece.

Stain – Medium.

Warp – 1/2 medium except very light twist.

Wane -1/4 the width, 1/4 the thickness except 5% of the pieces may have wane, 1/3 the width, 1/2 the thickness ,for 1/4 the length.

Taken from 2002 SPIB Standard Grading Rules for southern pine lumber Sec. 502, pgs.

ScaffPlank Tough and Safe

OSHA ANSI A10.8 standards
16’, 10’, and 8’ OSHA-SCAFFPLANK MSR 2400

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